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The regiment was founded on May 3rd 1861 in the Regular Army as the 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry.

It was organised between July 1861 and February 1862 at Fort Independence, Massachusetts & Perryville, Maryland.

Re-organised and renamed on December 5th 1866, 11th Infantry

Consolidated between March 28th and April 6th 1869 with the 34th Infantry. The unit becomes then the 16th Infantry.

Assigned on June 8th 1917 to the 1st  Expeditionary Division (renamed later as the 1st  Infantry Division).

The 1st becomes the First American Infatry Division to be created with the aim to fight German forces during World War I.



The 34th Infantry founded on May 3rd 1861 in the Regular Army as 3rd Battalion, 16th Infantry.

In March 1815, the 6th, 22nd 23rd and 32nd Regiment formed the 2nd Infantry Regiment, re-organised in 1861 as the 16th Infantry with 3 battalions of 8 companies.

Organised in April 164 at Madison Barracks, New York.

The  3/16th re-organised and renamed on September 21st 1866 as the  34th Infantry. (The 2/16 becomes the 25th inf.)