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The creation of the DUTY FIRST re-enactment group originated from a simple idea.

A small band amongst us, members at that time in other re-enactment groups decided to go a step further in re-enacting living history.
We wanted to recreate an infantry squad of the United States Army during World War II caring for the smallest details to become a “living museum”.
This is how we decided to create our own group with a few friends who had the same desires. At the beginning of the venture we were twelve members.

We chose the  BIG RED ONE, 16th Infantry Regiment, company E.
This choice explains the name of our group, because « DUTY FIRST » is part of the Big Red One’s motto.

In WWII, the Big Red One liberated north of France before entering in Belgian territory via the province Hainaut. Therefore, a large number of our members come from France, giving at the same time an international dimension to our group.

Since our first re-enacment event participation in 2003, we grew from 12 to 27 infantry soldiers. Presently, we have also an MP section as well as a Combat Photographer re-enacting a member of Unit 123 of the 167th Signal Photo Company totalling 36 members.

Meanwhile, in order to be loyal to history during certain participation to events, we change « patches » to represent other divisions such as the 101th Airborne Infantry Division during the commemoration of the Battle of the Bulge.

Needless to say that by no means we make advocacy of war, instead we try to remind people the price paid by past generations about the cost of Freedom so that history do not repeat itself.

Do not hesitate to leave your impressions on our guest book and you are warmly invited to participate in our forum. Some of our members speak good English.